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What is an Inventory Home?

June 5, 2024

To build or not to build. That is the question. The answer depends on how quickly you want to move to The Grand Prairie. If you are looking to make a fast move, then an inventory home might be perfect for you. What is an inventory home? Also known as a spec home or move-in ready home, an inventory home is either currently under construction or already complete as opposed to a “to-be-built” home. What are the advantages of buying an inventory home? Here’s a quick guide.

You Can Move Fast

The biggest advantage is that you get a brand-new home without the wait. Inventory homes are often built to round out neighborhood streets or cul-de-sacs. Many will be at or near completion, which means that you can move in right away instead of waiting six to nine months for your home to be built.

You May Get the Most Popular Features

Builders want inventory homes to be sold quickly so they often use their most popular floor plans. They also include many bells and whistles, including popular structural options such as media rooms or studies. The exteriors are often upgraded so you get a home with real curb appeal.

You Are Less Stressed

Oftentimes, buying an inventory home eliminates the potential stress and uncertainty associated with building from the ground up. Some may feel nervous about choosing countertops, paint color, flooring, and all of the other decisions you are asked to make when building. If the inventory home is far enough along, these choices have all been made for you. You also get the same warranty as a builder’s to-be-built homes, so you don’t need to worry if something needs to be fixed.

You Might Save Money

Builders may offer incentives or discounts on inventory homes to help speed up the selling process. This could include price reductions, upgrades or closing cost assistance.

Advantages of Purchasing a To-Be-Built Home?

There are some disadvantages to purchasing an inventory home that should be considered. You won’t be able to choose your homesite, for example. If you purchase a to-be-built home, you will be able to choose a property that meets your needs. When you build from the ground up you choose the floor plan, the structural options and the design features. As an inventory home is at or near completion, the builder has already made those choices for you which some people might see as a bonus while others might prefer to make the selections themselves. When it comes to your budget, a to-be-built home might be more cost-effective because you decide how to spend your home-building dollars. Builders price inventory homes with the cost of the pre-chosen features in mind.

Choose How to Buy at The Grand Prairie

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing between an inventory home and one built from the ground up. Take some time to decide what is important to you, then visit The Grand Prairie Model Homes to talk to a builder’s representative to choose the right home for you.

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