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The Grand Prairie

What is a Master Planned Community?

February 15, 2024

The Grand Prairie is a master-planned community where your family can explore, connect and build memories. But what exactly is a master-planned community and what are the benefits of living in one? Good questions! We’ve got answers.

What is a Master-planned Community?

A master-planned community (MPC) is a large-scale community that is carefully planned and developed with a comprehensive and cohesive approach. The idea is to create a well-rounded, self-sustaining environment where residents can live, work and play without needing to travel extensively for daily needs. These communities are often seen as an alternative to traditional suburban development and aim to offer a higher quality of life through careful planning and thoughtful design. It’s like living in a small town — only better!

Who Creates Them?

Master-planned communities are typically built by a single developer and follow a general master plan that includes a variety of home choices, amenities, commercial development and oftentimes, onsite schools. The Grand Prairie is being developed by award-winning developer Ember Real Estate Investment & Development.

How Are They Developed?

Master-planned communities are typically developed in phases, allowing for a more predictable growth pattern. This phased approach can help maintain a consistent quality throughout the community and ensure that development keeps pace with population growth.

Are They Convenient?

People sometimes don’t realize how close MPCs are to urban amenities. The Grand Prairie is located in Hockley giving residents easy access to Cypress, Katy, Magnolia and Houston. The master plans of most MPCs typically include parks, playgrounds, recreation centers, retail centers and onsite schools. This convenience can reduce the need for extensive travel and make daily life more efficient. The first phase of The Grand Prairie’s master plan includes lakes and ponds, walking trails, an amenity complex and a future elementary school for Waller Independent School District.

Cookie-Cutter Homes?

Something you typically won’t find in an MPC are cookie-cutter homes. Homebuyers have a choice of builders. Each builder has a distinctive style and offers a range of lifestyle-enhancing floorplans suitable for a variety of family types. Building from scratch allows buyers more control over the design as they can choose options and upgrades offered by their builder. Builders also offer inventory homes for those shoppers looking for quick move-in or move-in-ready home options. The Grand Prairie is home to five expert builders ready to help get you in the home of your dreams.

What Kind of Amenities?

Master-planned communities often feature a wide range of amenities, such as parks, playgrounds, sports facilities, walking trails, community centers and more. These amenities are designed to enhance the quality of life for residents and provide recreational opportunities within the community. Planned amenities at The Grand Prairie include 450 acres of parks to play in, miles of meandering trails to jog on, a 70-acre lake for paddling, lakes throughout, scenic spots like The Overlook, the Sundancer Amenity Center with pools and event space.

Is It Really a Community?

Master-planned communities are designed to foster a sense of community. Common areas, social events and shared amenities provide opportunities for residents to interact, socialize and build connections with their neighbors. At The Grand Prairie neighbors can meet up at the community’s planned amenity complex, The Sundancer, high-five each other on the miles of interconnected trails, kayak with friends and start playgroups in the parks. Everything you need to create friendships that last a lifetime can be found at The Grand Prairie.

Learn More About The Grand Prairie

If a master-planned community sounds like the right place for your family, visit us! You’ll find many home options and opportunities for enviable living.

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